Filipino nurses wanted in Australia, Compensation of P1.9M a year awaits interested applicants

By Erly C. Garcia – the news today online edition
Good news to Filipino registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN) or midwives. The Australian government is dire need of nurses thus seeking applicants from the Philippines. Jenny Anastasi, Program Director of Central Queensland University (CQU) based in Australia, said their country presently needs around 40,000 nurses.

Anastasi along with CQU lecturers Duncan Bray and Lydia Mainey were in Iloilo City recently to spread the good news. They intend to tie up with Central Philippine University (CPU) for the conduct of assessment for prospective applicants.

Anastasi said application is open for all RNs, LPNs and midwives (with Bachelor’s degree) in the Philippines provided they obtain an overall passmark of 7 in the International English Language Testing System Academic module (IELTS). She said, there is no age limit for the applicants.

The applicants will then be required to pass a nursing competency test (theoretical and clinical) before getting registered as nurse in Australia.

Anastasi said they will conduct a nursing test in Manila, Cebu and Iloilo this coming July and September for free.

On top of the theoretical test the applicant will be required to undertake a four-week clinical test to be held in Australia in which the expenses will be shouldered by the applicant. Anastasi said they could help with the accommodation of applicants who will take the clinical test in Australia through their linkages with the Filipino community there.

Anastasi urged Filipino RNs, LPNs and midwives to try Australia as the processing time for a working visa is shorter compared to that of the United States of America or the United Kingdom.

She said the processing time for a working visa to Australia for one year up to four years could be as short as six weeks.

She added that the Filipino nurses working in Australia are allowed to include their entire family (spouse and dependent children below 25 years old) in their permanent resident visa. Also, once they get permanent resident visa then it will open the doors to the migration of their brothers, sisters, nephew, nieces and other relatives.

With regard to compensation, Anastasi said that nurses in Australia get as much as A$50,000 (P1,925,000 at P1=A$38.50) a year exclusive of overtime pays and other benefits. Their salary also increases depending on their work experience and expertise.

Mainey, on the other hand, stressed that nurses are one of Australia’s most highly respected professional groups. She said, they are recognized as skilled health care providers, combining education and professionalism with a caring concern for patients.

Anastasi said interested applicants may make inquiries with CPU or may email the Queensland Nursing Council through its web site:

Photo: FILIPINO NURSES TO AUSTRALIA. Jenny Anastasi (2nd from left) Director of the Centre for Professional Health Education of Central Queensland University in Australia briefs reporters on Australia’s intention to hire at least 40,000 Filipino nurses while associates Duncan Bray and Lydia Mainey look on. The Australian officials went to Central Philippine University in Iloilo City to set up a system of qualifications for the exams. Pinoy Gonzales II/ PNS

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31 Responses to Filipino nurses wanted in Australia, Compensation of P1.9M a year awaits interested applicants

  • carol go alvarado says:

    thanks for the news. does this go thru a poea agency? or this is a direct hire?

  • YASMIN WU says:

    I have just passed the boards last December 2008 – where can I apply??? thanks – would this be direct hire?

  • jerome says:

    pls give us further info on this. thanks

  • divina camarauan says:

    i,m a registered midwife and a registered nurse. Can i apply as a midwife since i only obtain 6.5 in the IELTS?

  • please leave some more info regarding this piece of news… i am a registered nurse and ielts passer with overall band score of 7.5, it is quite difficult to find a job here in the philippines related to our profession, something like this would really be of help to us.. please feel free to mail me or just leave some more information. thank you very much..

  • renato elle says:

    im a registered nurse.can i apply since i only obtain 6.0 in the ielts exam.

  • aleli says:

    This is great news for as newly registered nurse!! suffering from hospital shortage in the philippines and retrogession in US..
    please educate jme more about this so i could start the possible qualifications needed..
    thank you so much.

  • Marissa A. Olores says:

    im a registered midwife and a nursing grad..can i apply?

  • vanessa says:

    i am a registered nurse with a total bandscore of 7 in ielts.i am very much interested and i want to have more info about this,thank you.

  • Liza Madlangbayan says:

    Good Day!!! How can i apply?

  • Hello to the admin. Please be advised to delete the portion “may email the Queensland Nursing Council through its web site:” or just the site itself. Because Queensland Nursing Council is not involve for this Test.

    Thank you

  • thea says:

    hello!i tried to open this address but there was an error..can you tell me where to get more information??i hope to apply,anyway my ielts total band score is 8.5..thanks so much!;-)

  • Narsbing says:

    On top of the theoretical test the applicant will be required to undertake a four-week clinical test to be held in Australia in which the expenses will be shouldered by the applicant. – This is the Bridging Program which will cost 10,000 AUD from the Applicants Pocket, RIGHT?

  • Carolynn says:

    I am very much interested in this job opportunity.. May you please post at least some list of requirements and contact numbers or persons whom we can ask for assistance?? Thanks very much!!

  • Danika Di Lumapas - Vallejos says:

    where can we register for the examination? I’am from Cebu and I have passed my IELTS last january. let me know as soon as possible so that i can be ready. thank you!

  • teffy says:

    has anyone took the assessment exam last June 11?

  • maris says:

    im aregistered nurse and im currently reviewing for my IELTS examination,can I apply?
    May i know the requirements or the contact numbers or persons whom to ask for assistance?
    Thank you very much!

  • Faye says:

    How do I apply for the free testing that will be conducted in July? I’m not yet an IELTS passer, would I qualify?

  • Scarlet says:

    Could it be possible for you to send me a copy mentioning about the exact details regarding the specific requirements for the said free assessment exam, the amount I need to prepare for the clinical test? May I also request a copy of the specific addresses and contact numbers of the testing areas to where I am to take the assessment exam for free and its corresponding exam dates .
    Your information will, I am sure, be very helpful.

  • theresa mendez says:

    i obtained a total band score of 7 in my ielts exam and 8 in my speaking. i am interested in the offer. i’m a registered nurse, IV therapist (licensed), and also currently having my hemodialysis training to be a renal specialist but it’s so hard to find a job in the phil. i would like to know if i’m a possible candidate to work for australia?

  • Get site you have here, hope you can also visit my blog at http://NurseReview.Org

  • Ara Angela Benedicto says:

    hello, im a nurse who passed the ielts with a band score of 8 and I am very much interested in working in Australia. Can you please tell me more details regarding, when and where the said test will be? Are there any other requirements that I must know of? Thanks.

  • mary says:

    we are a filipino nurses based on UAE, and we are very interested to apply in australia. Can you please help us, were can we get through this.

  • april says:

    how can we apply?

  • Anthony Reario RN says:

    greetings! Any information on where can we apply for the free nursing competency exam! Thank you very much!

  • Rose Sanchez says:

    good day! where and when is the definite time we will take the exam,how much it will cost since we have to shoulder the 4week clinical test in Austarlia.can u give us the contact number so we can clarify things because Sept. is near.thanks and godbless

  • teffy says:

    aside from the september 9 exam, will there be exams scheduled on october, november and december?

  • Chem Marie says:

    tomorrow… is already Sep9!!! where will the test happen?

  • Reah Baculinao says:

    How and where can I apply? Can you send me some details please. I want to work in Australia.

  • eisalyn tolaresa says:

    tell me the process about thi tnx!

  • Good Day to us all! I’m a new Nurse Graduate who passed the Philippine Board Exam Last June 2008. As a newbie without experience yet, what are the facts i need to know about my chance to work in Australia? Aside from the expected IELTS Certification what other requirements are needed? Getting a job here at Cebu, Philippines is a little difficult due to the oversupply of Nurses. If one gets a job though we all know it’s a little frustrating in terms of what we get salary-wise. Can i directly apply for a job there without experience knowing that Nurses will be trained to reach their Standards? What are my options as a Fresh Registered nurse who’s interested to work in Australia?? Please do give light to my Qustions. Thank you very much..

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