Filipino nurses find life sweet in rural RHAs

Recruitment program working
By: Larry Kusch
Joan Duhaylungsod has had to make a lot of adjustments since leaving the Philippines seven months ago for a nursing job in Pilot Mound.

She left family and friends and a tropical climate in a Third World country for a sparsely populated — and much colder — country halfway around the world.

While toiling in a long-term care facility in rural Manitoba, she’s also had to spend months studying for an exam that would allow her to work as a registered nurse in the province — a test she passed in October.

On Thursday, she and two dozen other Filipino nurses attended a ceremony at the Legislative Building marking the success of a government nursing recruitment program that has eased the staffing burden on rural health care facilities.

More than 120 Filipino nurses have arrived in Manitoba this year, already exceeding the government target of 100. And 102 of them have already passed their Canadian registered nurse exam. The others, more recent arrivals, will write their exams in February.

“We are really very lucky and we are really very blessed for having this opportunity,” Duhaylungsod said, speaking for her colleagues.


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