New Zealand needs Filipino nurses

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One Response to New Zealand needs Filipino nurses

  • Trey says:

    Philippines is not a place like Africa that people is starving and lack of basic necessities to lived and survived.
    Professional People like Mr Laprofeza should take time to prepare if he wanted to relocate to other countries.Im a bit dissapointed about taking jobs that is not levied to what his skills? Your better off in the Philippines if your a doctor.I dont blame them if they fall into misfortunes because they need to blame themselves.
    You need to be prepared in qualifications,and run through each countries immigrations requiremenst before embarking into it.The universal rule is …there is no shortcuts!!
    If you have all this preparations i doubt it you cannot find a job that is according to your skills and experience.
    I came in the Uk as well prepared nurse,and while in the job,grab any opportunities to developed yoursef by attending and taking courses and training that makes your philippines qualification at par with that country your working.
    Now not only you stay in your job with enhancement and development…you can have equal chances to have better career pathway ahead.
    I am now a british citizen,its because i have gone to appopriate Channels and preparation and the rest is look back to what you have been in the past and makes your effort worthwhile.Learn from it!

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