Filipino nurses in UK off to Australia

By Rose Eclarinal -ABS-CBN newsonline
Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom are now targeting Australia as a country that could offer a better quality of life. London-based nurse Maryrose Ojeda-Ruby and her entire family are moving to Australia in September. As a British passport holder, Ruby’s documents were immediately processed by the agency to be able to take on an offer with a higher salary in Australia.

“Kahit malaki ang sweldo mo kung malaki rin ang gastos, in the end, wala ka rin na- save. Maganda yung offer nila mas mataas ang magiging salary ko doon compared dito tapos mas mababa yung standard of living sa Australia so I think we will be better off sa Australia than here,” Ruby said.

A nurse in UK receives an annual salary of 24,000 pounds or an estimated P2 million.
However, as a mother of two and with the high cost of living in the UK, Ruby said her salary is not even enough to afford them to buy a house in London.

“Yung babayaran mo doon, parang half lang sa kung ano ang babayaran mo dito like sa housing nagbabayad ka dito ng 1,200 doon 600 lang in pounds na yun,” Ruby said adding that she had spent seven years working in London.

The family has already sent several boxes back to the Philippines in preparation for their move to Australia.

She said that they will only take one luggage each and will try to make a fresh start in Melbourne.

“We sent them back home like TV. Yung important things we sent [in] four boxes na,” she said.

In a study, Britain has been dubbed as the “Sick Man of Europe” for the poor quality of life in the country.


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2 Responses to Filipino nurses in UK off to Australia

  • Anonymous says:

    see u there kapatid! go girl

  • Trey says:

    UK and Australia is no difference.
    Nurses in the UK is moving to Australia the reason are:

    1.NHS is undergoing change due to government legislation on work permits.
    2.Inspired by detached housing style like US has to offer.
    3.Maybe better weather condition.
    4.Encouraged by current trends UK- Australia…then what?
    5.Going away with financial responsibility in the UK.
    6.some after being naturalised,left to Australia.Better immigration standing and travelling.
    The truth is: wherever your working as a all down to same thing.
    For me UK got the advantage.

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