A one-of-a-kind nursing book launching

By Kathy M. VillalonAuthor challenges nurses to be entrepreneurs and serve the country. Authors Dr. Eufemia Octaviano and Dr. Carl Balita launched their book “Theoretical Foundations of Nursing: The Philippine Perspective” recently at Hotel del Rio and this was attended by deans from colleges and universities from Iloilo City and Bacolod.

According to the authors, the book is in response to the new nursing curriculum that includes the subject Theoretical Foundation of Nursing. The book introduces the concepts of nursing theory and the nursing theorists, in the language they can understand. Included are historical and local accounts on the knowledge development in nursing.

During the launching, Purr discovered that the pioneer college that offered nursing in the country is Iloilo Mission Hospital. Dr. Balita said that this is also the reason why Iloilo City was included as a venue for the launch.

Probably one of the greatest speakers Purr has ever heard was Dr. Balita, who said that he is a nurse entrepreneur by choice. “I ventured into nursing as what my parents pushed me to do. But I wanted more in my life rather than just serve other countries. I’ve decided to become an entrepreneur and I am a good one. Nurses should be glad that there is one in this profession. Then I looked for a person who is worthy of coming out with this book and that person is Dr. Eufemia Octaviano. I called her and told her of this project. I told her, let’s nurture it and we made it happen. This book is sold at P200 only and this is a 200-page book. If our aim is to profit, we could have sold the book at a higher price. But our main aim is to solve the problem the way entrepreneurs do it. I will not follow the footsteps of those who left the country. I will serve my country,” Dr. Balita said with conviction.

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
He challenged nurses to be entrepreneurs. “This country survived because of entrepreneurs. This is a new kind of revolution, the entrepreneurial revolution. We can help this country and the nursing profession,” he concluded.

Dr. Octaviano, on the other hand, longed to write a book that teaches theories. “Carl said that it’s high time that we write such book,” she said. Indeed, this book has become a reality.

To Drs. Octaviano and Balita, congratulations!

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