Duped Filipino nurses back from Kuwait

via inquirer.net – Twenty-one overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) returned to the Philippines on Monday after they were made to work as caregivers instead of nurses as what was indicated in their contracts.

A report from the Arab Times said the Filipinos were victims of contract switching. The report said the Filipino nurses and some massage therapists were forced to work as caregivers.

The OFWs complained that the company allegedly did not pay them the right salary. They were supposed to receive KD 250 but were only given KD 150 while others received KD 135.

The report also said that the three manpower recruitment agencies in the Philippines made them pay “excessive placement fees.”

“Assistant Labor Attaché Angelita Narvaez summoned the company human resources director and presented the demands of the Filipino workers before they (could) go back to work,” the report said.

“However, the conciliation-mediation failed after the company refused to pay the salary differential and give the other benefits as stated in the contract, leading to a deadlock,” the report added.

It said the company owner cancelled the OFWs’ visas and made them sign a waiver clearing the company of any liability. After that, the OFWs should have been sent back to the Philippines, but the company delayed the cancellation of their visas. The company also refused to give their passports unless they submit a resignation letter.

The company, however, released their passports at the last minute on Monday after Philippine Labor Attaché Atty. Cesar Chavez Jr talked to the owner of the company.

Chavez urged all OFWs who are going to work in Kuwait to check their contracts first before leaving the country.

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