More job openings for Pinoys in Germany

By Mayen Jaymalin/The Philippine Star – Filipino nurses are needed in Germany.

The German Federal Employment Agency is recruiting 70 Filipino nurses with two years’ experience in geriatric care and nursing home, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Qualified applicants will have to undergo at least a six-month course in the German language.

Hired nurses will receive a monthly salary of around P100,000 and enjoy the same working conditions as German nurses.

Applicants must submit the necessary documents to the POEA until Tuesday.

The deployment of Filipino nurses in Germany follows the signing of an agreement between the Philippine and German governments on the hiring of foreign health workers.

Meanwhile, the local recruitment industry is protesting the POEA’s alleged indiscriminate closure of recruitment agencies.

POEA administrator Hans Cacdac reportedly suspended the licenses of recruitment agencies without due process, leaving hundreds of Filipinos unable to work abroad, according to a letter sent to Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa.

The letter came from the Private Recruitment Industry (PRA), Employees’ Group of Recruitment Industry, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and the Overseas Employment Applicants’ Group.

Cacdac’s action was meant to restrict the deployment of household service workers, they said.

However, the POEA said all orders of preventive suspension are issued on the basis of prima facie gross violations of its rules and regulations.

Preventive suspensions were issued to stop recruitment agencies from possibly victimizing more jobseekers pending the results of the POEA’s investigation.

They will hold a rally next week to pressure Malacañang to make Cacdac resign, the three groups said.

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