PRC chair urges new registered nurses to upgrade skills

By Carlito C. Dar/PIA
The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) is encouraging registered nurses to continue upgrading their skills and qualifications ready face the challenges in a globally competitive employment market.

PRC Chairperson Teresita Manzala stressed this in her keynote address during the oath taking ceremony of 600 new nurses at the Saint Louis University Prince Bernhard Hall, here Sunday.

Manzala pointed out that becoming professional is just a start but to succeed, continuing education or learning is needed, as well as on improving one’s level of discretion of judgment.

She also stressed that employers nowadays do not only look at the academic credential. “IQ (Intelligent Quotient) is not enough, employers also desire EQ (emotional quotient) and TQ (Technical Quotient) and multi-cultural sensitivity especially in health care,” she said.

Manzala advised the new nurses that while waiting for a good opportunity to knock on their door, they should consider other career option to start with – a career progression that will provide them with additional academic credentials, others skills qualification or other health care related work experiences, that would be add-on for their professional qualifications.

Filipino health care professionals especially nurses have proven that they stand-out above their peers and they are the most wanted and most love in the international scene because of their passion in doing their work or providing services. However , there is still a need to make their profession more competitive, especially when they plan to work or move abroad, according to Manzala.

The PRC chair also disclosed that the Middle East market remains strong with Oman in need of around 3,000 doctors and nurses this 2013, as stated by the Department of Labor and Employment.

Japan, with its aging population of 65 years old and above citizens estimated to reach 35 million by 2020, is also a potential market especially with a bilateral agreement – Japan-Philippine Economic Agreement, in place.

In addition, Manzala said they are working into the Australian and European employment market. For Australia alone, there is a shortage of about 15,000 health care workers in 2012, which is why they are currently working for a bridging courses to be held in the Philippines as this education course requirement which is only being done in Australia, remains an obstacle for of health care professionals to enter the employment market.

The 600 new nurses who took their oath here are among the 16,908 new RNs who hurdled the December 2012 Nurses Licensure Examination and now joining the roster of around 3.6 million Filipino professionals.

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