Filipino nurses extolled for dedication to profession

The Philippine Nurses Association in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia (PNA-ERSA) recently held its first general assembly at the Al-Jazeera International School in Dammam.

“It was very successful, with Nada Al-Amri, nursing director at King Fahd University Hospital, as guest speaker, and some 400 Filipino nurses from 30 hospitals and clinics in the Eastern Province participating,” Mary Jane Tupas, PNA-ERSA president, told Arab News. The theme of the general assembly was “Filipino nurses’ commitment in health promotion, professional development and community service.”

Tupas, a Bagong Bayani awardee, said that during the general assembly, a membership drive was also held. The number of PNA-ERSA members has increased from 100 before the assembly to 200 at present.

Talking on the occasion, Al-Amri said, “I am very happy to be with Filipino nurses who have good work attitude and know how to get along with fellow nurses as I work with them. I am very happy in being a nurse who plays a big role in our patients’ lives and to see them become whole once again.”

Al-Amri said the nursing department’s philosophy is based on relation-based care. “We value building caring relationships with our patients… We believe that teamwork encourages nurses to work harder for the welfare of patients and their families,” she said, adding that she was privileged to work with multinational nurses.

She said nursing is a profession that needs commitment.


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