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US jobs for Filipino nurses delayed by retrogression

By Phoebe Jen Indino An official from the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) stated that retrogression continues to be the reason why no visas for competent nurses applying for work in the US are available, thus resulting to delay in their employment overseas.

Filipino nurses sue Suffolk DA, nursing home firm

By RIDGELY OCHS – www.newsday.com Ten Filipino nurses and their attorney filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, the county and the nursing home company that sought unsuccessfully to prosecute them.

Pinoy nurses join protest vs demotion, pay cut

More than a hundred nurses, including Filipinos, held a demonstration to protest the planned pay cut and demotion in the largest nursing home in the US. ABS-CBN North America News Bureau correspondent Henni Espinosa reported that the nurses staged the protest action in front of the Laguna Honda Hospital in Read more »

OPINION: Grant U.S. visas to foreign-trained nurses

By Yvette Mooney – newsday.com Overhauling the U.S. health care system is a momentous task. But there is one important and sensible reform that is easy to accomplish and will reduce costs while improving care.

US quota for Filipino nurses filled up, say recruiters

By Mayen Jaymalin Employment opportunities in the United States for Filipino nurses aspiring to work there appear to be drying up.

New SCTC nursing program is a part-time prerogative

By Dave Aeikens – www.sctimes.com Going to school, a full-time job and her family were too much for Sonia Green to handle as she pursued a career in nursing.

Immigration: More Foreign Nurses Needed?

The U.S. nurse shortage is getting worse, but are more visas the answer—or would improved training capacity, working conditions, and pay do the trick? By Moira Herbst For more than a decade, the U.S. has faced a shortage of nurses to staff hospitals and nursing homes. While the current recession Read more »

Caregiver being honored for work

Image for Caregiver being honored for work

By Meg Jones – www.jsonline.com Arlene Hernandez knows all too well what Alzheimer’s disease can do to a person.

Recession Hits Immigrants in the Health Care Industry

www.pri.org The health care industry is considered relatively recession proof, but not for everyone; In Los Angeles, many Asian immigrants are struggling to keep their health care jobs.

Pinoy nurses rally to save jobs, hospital in US

By Henni Espinosa Filipino nurses are now fighting to save not only their jobs but also the hospital where they work in California.