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Pinoy nurse, town councilor honored in UK

A Filipino clinical nurse and a town councilor in the United Kingdom were honored last week for their special contribution to the British society.

University’s student visas halted

A university has been suspended from sponsoring foreign students after concerns were raised that the student visa system is being abused.

Nursing dream fades for Filipinos as UK jobs dry up

By Sarah Boseley – guardian.co.uk Just over 10 years ago, in a major speech to a nursing conference in Brighton, Tony Blair promised to boost a desperately short-staffed NHS with 20,000 extra nurses. Not even Blair, though, could claim to be able to magic up that many British Read more »

UK Catholic bishops support Pinay nurses

By Danny Buenafe Catholic bishops in the United Kingdom will help push for the retention of Filipino nurses and carers despite budget cuts in the National Health Service or NHS attributed to the prevailing global recession.


By Mayen Jaymalin More and more Filipino nurses are now opting to work in the United Kingdom than in the United States, according to local recruiters.

UK’s stricter student visa regulations to hit Pinoy student nurses

With the United Kingdom set to implement more stringent student visa guidelines to prevent “abuse by economic migrants,” a recruitment consultant expressed fears that the thousands of Filipino student nurses in the British isles may be negatively affected.

UK hospital to recruit more Pinoy nurses

By Rose Eclarinal – ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau Like Filipino nurses who leave the Philippines to find better job prospects elsewhere, UK’s home grown nurses are also leaving the country to seek opportunities abroad.

Pinoys lodge complaint against training academy in UK

By Rose Eclarinal Fifteen Filipinos in Worcestershire, England lodged a complaint against the Healthcare Training Academy (HTA), a college offering Non-vocational Qualification (NVQ) courses, including Caregiver diploma, in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

UK still needs more Filipina nurses and caregivers

By Danny Buenafe – www.abs-cbnnews.com Despite the global crisis, Filipina nurses and caregivers are still in demand in the United Kingdom.

Brits prefer Filipinos to man nursing homes

For Filipinos wishing to work abroad, especially those in the medical field, not everything is bleak.